Let´s try  our „breakfast menu,“ included one „warm course“ of your own choice, hot drink and glass of fresh orange juice  0,2l   205,-

Scrambled eggs(omelette) with grilled ciabatta bread and thyme butter 95,-

Grilled sausages with tomato beans, variation of pastry115,-

Poached eggs with farmer bacon, variation of pastry 115,-

Eggs into glass with parmesan cheese and variation of pastry 95,-

Croissant with ham and cheese 75,-

Baked musli with forest fruit and fresh yoghurt 95,-

Breakfast beverages

Espresso lungo 58,-

Double espresso 86,-

Ristreto 58,-

Cappuccino 69,-

Macchiato 58,-

Latte macchiato 76,-

Hot chocolate25g  78,-


Starters/ Salads

Salami and cheese chopped on the shale, marinated antipasti served with bread 215,-

Selection of farmer cheeses with homemade cherry-wine marmelade and rosemary grissino  215,-

Duck rillettes flavoured with provencal herbs, served with fresh shallot and bread 215,-

Beef tartare „Parisien“ with shallot and capers, served with grilled bruscheta 215,-



Demi-Glace 55,-

Pepper sauce 55,-

Mayonnaise/BBQ/Ketchup  45,-



Caesar salad with parmesan croutons, termo egg and roasted chicken sous-vide  195/265,-

Marinated cherry tomatoes in confit garlic with basil and lemon juice with buffalo mozzarella and leaves of beetroot 195,-

Rucola salad with baked smoked paprika, chilli and roastbeef 215/285,-

Grilled tiger prawns with cherry tomatoes, mistikanza salad and bruscheta 225,-



Oxtail consommé with spring vegetables and homemade noodles  85,-

Soup of the day 75,-

Main course

Main courses:

Ribeye steak, Black Angus (USA) 250g               395,

Italien veal-chop baked with bone  300g   385 ,-

Steampunk burger from 100% Black Angus with baked onion Tropea with dijon mustard                   245,-

Pulled pork- slowly baked side sous-vide in bbq sauce, served in crunchy beer bread with onion chutney, chilli and crunchy salad  235,-

Club sandwich with corn chicken breast sous-vide, baked bacon and herb aioli 235,-

Risotto Milanesse with grilles tiger prawns and dried cherry tomatoes           245,-

Stampunk marinated wings in chilli honey sauce with coleslaw salad and onion rings 235,-

Side dish

Side dish

Roasted buttery vegetable 75,-

Baked baby potatoes flavoured with fresh rosemary 75,-

Potato puree 75,-

Onion rings 75,-

Steak fries 75,-

Mixed salad with honey dressing 75,-



Bourbon cake, Chocolate Valrhona with mascarpone cream and forest fruit 95,-

Dessert of the day  95,-