Let´s try  our „breakfast menu,“ included one „warm course“ of your own choice, hot drink and glass of fresh orange juice  0,2l   205,-

Scrambled eggs(omelette) with grilled ciabatta bread and thyme butter 95,-

Grilled sausages with tomato beans, variation of pastry115,-

Poached eggs with farmer bacon, variation of pastry 115,-

Eggs into glass with parmesan cheese and variation of pastry 95,-

Croissant with ham and cheese 75,-

Baked musli with forest fruit and fresh yoghurt 95,-

Breakfast beverages

Espresso lungo 58,-

Double espresso 86,-

Ristreto 58,-

Cappuccino 69,-

Macchiato 58,-

Latte macchiato 76,-

Hot chocolate25g  78,-